How to Create an Assignment

1. Make sure that you have Turned editing on. on

2. Go to the appropriate Topic or Week and select Add an activity - Assignments. Choose the type of assignment you would like to use.

add an assignment


There are four types of assignments.

Online Text Assignment

The online text assignment is a completely online, Moodle-based assignment type that is ideal for relatively short written responses. The student composes his or her response in Moodle and the instructor provides feedback in Moodle. This assignment type eliminates the need for external files and any related issues.

Some examples of when to use the online text assignment:

  • Summarizing the key points of a reading assignment
  • Responding to an embedded video (you can embed a video in an assignment using the same process you learned when embedding the video into a webpage) •
  • Providing answers to a short list of questions

Offline Activity

An offline activity is a simple assignment type for activities not necessarily completed in Moodle. The students will simply read the information given in the assignment rather than submit any of their own work. One way to think of this assignment type is as a "sticky note" for reminders and feedback.

Some examples of when to use the offline activity:

  • Reminding students to view a particular web site before the next class session
  • Providing feedback for an in-class presentation
  • Giving directions for an experiment

TIP Because students will not be submitting anything within the offline activity, be sure to title it accordingly and clarify the purpose so that everyone understands that the work is to be done offline or that the feedback given needs to be considered for future assignments and activities.

Advanced Uploading of Files

The advanced uploading of files option allows a student to upload one or more files along with notes. Some examples of when to use the advanced uploading of files option:

  • Submitting a term paper
  • Scanning and uploading a document of completed math problems
  • Submitting a PowerPoint presentation
  • Submitting an audio file of a speech
  • Submitting a video of a presentation

TIP In addition to allowing for multiple files, the headline feature of this option is that instructors can return response files to the student.

Response files might include:

  • A copy of the essay submitted by the student with comments created using Word's insert notes feature
  • An audio clip with feedback
  • A PDF created using a Tablet PC with comments written straight onto the submission
  • A completed rubric to identify strengths and weaknesses of the student's submission

Upload a Single File Assignment

There is an upload a single file assignment type that allows a student to upload a single file to be assessed by the instructor. This option is very restricted, however. It only allows participants to upload their files. It doesn't give them a place to comment on how their upload relates to the assignment, nor does it provide the facilitator a way to return response files.

TIP The advanced uploading of files assignment type is preferred because it allows more options and flexibility.