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What is a Browser?

A web browser is software that allows you to access websites and resources on the World Wide Web. Common browsers are Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

How do I know what version my browser is?

  • Firefox – Select “Help” from the browser main menu located at the top of the browser and select “About Firefox”.
  • Safari – Select the Settings icon (it looks like a wheel) and select “About Safari”.
  • Google – Select Customize and control Google Chrome (the wrench icon) and then select About Google Chrome. The browser version will be displayed in the information screen.
  • Internet Explorer – Select “Help” from the browser main menu located at the top of the browser and select “About Internet Explorer”.

Browsers and Settings:

The recent version of Firefox for your browser is highly recommended to provide the best Moodle experience. Firefox is available for both Windows and Mac platforms - Download Firefox for free


Other Browsers:

The following browsers are compatible with Moodle, but you may have some compatibility issues.


  • IE may cause problems with file downloads, running errors, assignment completion, levels of interactivity using discussion board forums, and creating and editing content.
  • Older versions of Firefox may not display all PDFs or videos properly.We recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Opera does not show built-in html editor (WYSIWYG) in Moodle.
  • Safari does not show built-in html editor (WYSIWYG) in Moodle. Chat tool does not always work properly.

Browser Test from Web Browser Check by Texas State Technical College System.
Browsers and Settings information from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: